REV X Racing Oil Additive – 5 fl. oz.


High-performance racing engines need the extra protection that traditional lubricants can not provide. REV X Racing Oil Additive is a highly concentrated version of our High-Performance Oil Additive that provides an extreme reduction in friction, dissolves sludge and varnish, lowers thermal temperatures of parts, and eliminates metal to metal wear.

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REV X Racing Oil Additive

REV X Racing Oil Additive is a super concentrate of friction reducers, detergents, and anti-wear additives blended for racing applications. Heat, the natural enemy of performance, will break down the molecules in any lubricant, causing it to thin, leading to a revolving cycle in loss of lubricity and viscosity. This cycle will lead to engine parts such as the crank, main bearings, rod bearings, camshaft bearings, valve lifters, rocker arms, valve springs, and all other engine components having metal to metal contact.

Too much of this loss in lubricity and viscosity will lead to engine failure. Thankfully, with REV X Racing Oil additive, the heat and pressure activate the key ingredients attracting itself to hot spots.  This polar attraction creates an unbreakable bond coating those parts with a protective layer four times thicker and 2,500 times denser than the oil.

REV X Racing Oil Additive Benefits

  • It helps restore and increase lost power and torque.
  • Will provide unmatched protection of treated parts.
  • Friction reducer additives help to eliminate friction points and improve lubrication.
  • It maximizes load capacity.
  • Engine and drivetrain parts operate more efficiently.
  • It reduces the thermal temps of all treated parts.
  • Will significantly extend fluid drain intervals.
  • Extreme reduction in component wear of all treated parts

Unparalleled Protection

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5 fl. oz.