REV X Helps Brit Lilly & Travis Pastrana to Victory in Sarasota

This weekend the Rev X Products - LSB Hurricane of Awesomeness visited the shores and white sandy beaches of Sarasota, FL, for the P1 Offshore Racing 36th Annual Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix.  The team from Lilly Sports Boats was excited to continue the momentum after a victory in the previous event at Cocoa Beach.  However, this event would have normal throttle man Kevin Smith and driver Brit Lilly split due to having two boats, in different classes, racing simultaneously. ...

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How to remove stuck GM AFM (Active Fuel Management) Lifter

Fix DOD & AFM Lifters Before They Seize

D.O.D & A.F.M Lifters Displacement on Demand (D.O.D), Active Fuel Management (A.F.M), or automotive variable displacement is a technology that turns off half the cylinders in an engine to improve fuel economy in most GM or Dodge gasoline-powered engines. GM BulletinNo.: 15-06-01-002FGM has approved two processes for removing the lifter when stuck in the bore. Use vice grips with a slide hammer, or use vice grips with a small pry bar. Metal Shavings in Your Engine! These engines use a hydraulic system to engage...

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