REV X CONNECT Transfer Case Fluid


REV X CONNECT Transfer Case Fluid is a semi-synthetic oil blended specifically for extreme abuse in heavy duty 4×4 trucks and AWD vehicles.  This special mixture of organic detergents, friction reducers and other additives help increase or restore lost performance and efficiency. CONNECT increases load capabilities, lubrication film strength, fluid and component life while reducing HYVO chain, gear, and bearing wear.  The secret is a special blend of polar group molecules that bond to the metallic surfaces creating a lubricity layer that lowers component temperatures and increases shear strength.

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REV X CONNECT Transfer Case Fluid


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CONNECT is a maximum performance Transfer Case Fluid for Heavy Duty Transfer Case applications. With a heavily additized semi-synthetic 10W-30 oil, CONNECT provides increased load capabilities, increased lubricant film strength, reductions in hyvo-chain, gear and bearing wear, improved Shifting, increased fluid and component life. Both modern and late model, electronically and manually shifted transfer cases will run cooler, last longer and perform better with CONNECT. CONNECT is the only high performance lubricant blended specifically for high performance and heavy towing transfer case applications.


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