REV X E-Boost E85 Fuel Additive – 8 fl. oz.

EBO0801 - REV X - Alcohol Additive - 8oz

REV X E-Boost E85 Fuel Additive – 8 fl. oz.


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REV X E-Boost E85 Fuel Additive is a stabilizer, corrosion inhibitor, water dispersant, and cleaner for alcohol fuel systems. Its extra-strength detergents dissolve varnish & prevent the super-hard carbon deposits on pistons and valves.

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REV X E-Boost e85 Fuel Additive

REV X E-Boost e85 Fuel Additive increases the power of ethanol and methanol alcohol in street use and racing.  It will eliminate alcohol's corrosive properties, allowing for large amounts of horsepower without disastrous side effects. Furthermore, it contains the proper top-end lubricant for maximum performance while promoting the appropriate ring and valve seal. Fuel system components will run smooth and trouble-free due to the added lubricity to keep the rubber components soft and pliable for years of use.

REV X E-Boost Benefits

  • For use with ethanol (E85) and methanol alcohol fuels.
  • E-Boost eliminates the corrosive properties of alcohol-based fuels.
  • Increases the performance & engine response of alcohol-based fuels to help lower ET's and lap times.
  • It increases lubrication for upper cylinder and fuel system components.
  • It deep-cleans the entire fuel system.
  • Will treat up to 25 gallons; you can not over-treat the fuel.

The Solution For Alcohol Fuel Related Problems!

Alcohol is used for racing because it has proven to increase horsepower and torque over gasoline. While that alone can certainly justify using ethanol or methanol-based fuels, some problems keep many from using alcohol as a primary fuel. Anyone with experience using alcohol in racing applications knows of alcohol's corrosive nature. Ethanol and methanol alcohols are highly corrosive to the soft metals used within fuel systems. When left for even a tiny period, alcohol will corrode fuel system components, rendering the fuel system unable to meter fuel flow. Alcohol-based fuels are also very dry, with no lubrication for rubber or plastic components such as seals, o-rings, and diaphragms.  Additionally, alcohol-based fuel cannot provide the proper lubrication to the valves and top-end components of the engine that require lubricity to avoid severe damage.

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