REV X Gasoline Super Tester – Ethanol Verification Kit


Ensure the optimal blend of ethanol in your gasoline with the REV X Super Tester. This precision testing bottle provides accurate readings of ethanol percentages, empowering you to maintain peak engine performance and efficiency. Trust REV X Super Tester for fuel confidence.

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ST0501 - REV X Ethanol Super Tester - 5 fl. oz.

REV X Gasoline Super Tester – Ethanol Verification Kit


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Key Features and Benefits of the Ethanol Super Tester:

  1. Accurate Measurements: The Super Tester features marks every 5% for precise ethanol content determination.
  2. User-Friendly Design: The large, five-fluid-ounce bottle and wide opening ensure a hassle-free testing experience.
  3. Durable and Clear: Made of shatterproof clear plastic, the bottle allows for easy visualization of the testing process.
  4. Long-Lasting Label: The high-quality printed and laminated label is designed to resist fading or wiping off.
  5. E85 Conversions Made Easy: The Ethanol Super Tester simplifies the tuning of engines and carbs for e85 conversions.

How To Test Ethanol Level in Gasoline

Using The REV X Super Tester – Ethanol Gasoline Verification Kit
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REV X Ethanol Super Tester

The REV X Ethanol Super Tester is a game-changing device specifically designed to test gasoline-ethanol content, ensuring your engine’s performance and longevity. With the rising trend of ethanol gas blends as a more cost-effective alternative to high-performance fuels, it is crucial to monitor the ethanol levels in your fuel to avoid voiding warranties on small engines due to excessive ethanol content.

The Ethanol Super Tester & E85 Gasoline Tester is your go-to solution for determining whether your gas contains too much or not enough ethanol, helping you strike the perfect balance for your engine’s needs.

Where do I Dispose of the Test Liquid?

Please note that disposing of test liquid should be done in accordance with federal, state, and local laws. Contact your local agency for proper disposal procedures.

How to Protect Against Ethanol

To prevent corrosion, treating fuel blended with 10% or more ethanol is essential. For levels above E10, add Adrenaline to your fuel. E-Boost provides extra protection for higher ethanol blends such as E85.

Equip yourself with the REV X Ethanol Super Tester and ensure your engine’s optimal performance while prolonging its life by accurately testing your fuel’s ethanol content. Don’t leave your engine’s health to chance – invest in this essential tool today.

How To Use The REV X Super Tester – Ethanol Gasoline Verification Kit

    1. Prepare the REV X Super Tester:
      • Locate the “Water Fill Line” on the REV X Super Tester.
      • Fill the REV X Super Tester with water up to the designated “Water Fill Line.”
    2. Add Gasoline or Alcohol:
      • IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Pump gasoline into an approved container first. It is illegal to pump gasoline from the pump into any unapproved container, the REV X Super Tester is not an approved container.
      • Very carefully pour Gasoline into the REV X Super Tester until it reaches the “Gasoline Fill Line” of the bottle.
    3. Secure the Cap:
      • Reapply the cap to the REV X Super Tester.
      • Firmly tighten the cap to prevent any leakage of liquids.
    4. Blend Contents:
      • Shake the REV X Super Tester vigorously until the contents are fully blended or suspended.
    5. Settle the Contents:
      • Place the REV X Super Tester on a flat surface.
      • Allow the contents (Gasoline, Alcohol, and Water) to settle out of suspension.
    6. Check for Alcohol/Water Presence:
      • Any Alcohol or Water present will appear above the “Water Fill Line” and under the Gasoline.
      • The volume above the “Water Fill Line” indicates the total percentage of Alcohol/Water in the tested Gasoline or Alcohol.
    7. Complete the Test:
      • Once the test is complete, pour out the contents of the REV X Super Tester.
    8. Dry and Store:
      • Wash out the REV X Super Tester and Rinse (DO NOT WASH IN DISH WASHER).
      • Allow the REV X Super Tester to air dry completely.
      • Once dry, reapply the cap.
      • The REV X Super Tester is now ready to be used again.
      • Please be sure to store the tester in an area away from high heat.  Do not store the REV X Super Tester in your car.
    9. Disposal:
      • Always dispose of gasoline in compliance with local, state, or federal laws.
      • Do not pour the gas from the tester back into a gas can or vehicle.

Note: Follow all safety guidelines and regulations when using the REV X Super Tester.

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