REV X Ethanol Gasoline Super Tester


REV X Ethanol Super Tester is a reusable kit to test gasoline-ethanol content.  This clear, shatterproof bottle has measurements every 5% to find the level of ethanol present in gasoline.

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REV X Ethanol Super Tester

Did you know many manufacturers are voiding warranties on small engines?   Suppose the gas you used has over 10% ethanol; this could happen to you too.  On the other side, the use of ethanol gas blends has skyrocketed.   Generally speaking, this trend will continue as the price of high-performance fuels rise.  That's because ethanol blends produce the same power at a lower price.  With that in mind, we developed the Ethanol Super Tester & E85 Gasoline Tester to test gas for too much or not enough ethanol.

Ethanol Super Tester Product Benefits

  • The Super Tester has a mark every 5%.
  • A large five-fluid-ounce bottle and large opening make it easy to test fuel.
  • It is a shatterproof bottle made of clear plastic.
  • A high-quality printed and laminated label prevents the label from fading or wiping off.
  • It makes tuning engines and carbs easier for e85 conversions.

Where do I Dispose of the Test Liquid?

There are so many federal, state, and local laws.  As a result, we could never cover them all.  For this reason, please contact a local agency to ask how to dispose of 5 fluid ounces of gas properly.

How to Protect Against Ethanol

Gas blended with 10% or more ethanol needs to be treated to help with corrosion.  In the event that you see levels above E10, add Adrenaline to your fuel.  Similarly, boats should add Adrenaline Marine. Because higher blends need more protection, add E-Boost to blends over 15%.

How to Test Ethanol Level of Gasoline

  1. Fill the SUPER TESTER with water to the “Water Fill Line”.
  2. Fill the SUPER TESTER with the Gasoline or Alcohol to the top edge of the bottle.
  3. Reapply Cap to SUPER TESTER and Firmly tighten – To avoid any leaking liquid.
  4. Shake the SUPER TESTER until contents are fully blended (or suspended).
  5. Rest SUPER TESTER on a flat surface and let the contents (Gasoline, Alcohol and Water) settle out of suspension.
  6. Any Alcohol/Water present will appear above the “Water Fill Line” and under the Gasoline that is present above it.
  7. The volume present above the “Water Fill Line” will represent the total percentage of Alcohol/Water present in the Gasoline or Alcohol that was tested.
  8. When test is complete simply pour out contents, allow SUPER TESTER to air dry. When dry, reapply cap and the SUPER TESTER is ready to be used again.
  9.  Always dispose of gasoline in accordance with any local, state or federal laws. Do not pour gas from tester back into gas can or vehicle.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 6 in



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