REV X GEAR Lube Differential Fluid

REV X GEAR Lube Differential Fluid

GEARM1Q01 - REV X Differential Fluid - 1qt.

REV X GEAR Lube Differential Fluid


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REV X GEAR Lube Differential Fluid is made for racing and eliminates high component temperatures and catastrophic gear failure.  GEAR maximizes film strength and shock load of treated parts while also providing an extreme reduction in friction.

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High-Performance Racing Differential Lubricants & Oils

REV X GEAR Lube delivers unmatched performance for racing to maximize film strength, shock load performance, and reduce friction. Equally important, it increases the performance and reliability while adding protection for bearings, ring & pinion gears, and seals. That is in addition to reducing or eliminating high component and fluid temperatures.

Product Benefits

  • Provides a reduction in drag while delivering over 10x the fluid life compared to other leading brands.
  • Eliminates wear, pitting, & spalling the ring gear, pinion gear, and bearings.
  • Reduces friction for maximum power to the wheels and lowers component temperatures.
  • GEAR Provides added protection against extreme shock loads in OEM and racing differentials.
  • For use in factory and aftermarket differentials such as quick-change rear ends.

Using GEAR in Manual Transmissions?

Traditionally adding gear lube to a manual transmission has been done for as long as we can remember. There is nothing wrong with it, and REV X GEAR Lube will work great for that application. However, we highly recommend using our REV X SHIFT Manual Transmission fluid. Not to mention, the unique and much different application that a manual transmission has is what SHIFT was created for.


High Performance Lightweight Fluid

It can easily withstand up to 1000hp. Using a lightweight oil in your differential can lower operating temperatures and drag.

REV X 80W-90 GEAR Lube

Most Popular Gear Lube

Very popular in drag racing & circle track racing, and off-road competitions.  Not to mention it can withstand high amounts of horsepower, rated at 4500hp.

REV X 85W-140 GEAR Lube

Designed for Extreme Abuse

It is for extreme racing events.  Events like top fuel racing, tractor pulling, or off-road endurance racing.  With a rating of up to 10,000hp, this is the weight for extreme protection!

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