Turbocharger Oil Maintenance

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Turbocharger Oil Maintenance

The turbocharger. What a fantastic addition to the internal combustion engine! These days we see turbochargers in vehicles ranging from small cars to big trucks. The diesel industry has been blessed with turbochargers for over 50 years. On the other hand, the automotive industry tried in the ’80s and ’90s. But they didn’t last very long. Unfortunately, neither did the cars they were driving. But today, we have turbos on gasoline and almost all diesel engines. So with this being said, does anyone ever get trained on turbocharger care? NO!

Well, here is a Little Scenario

We have a customer that works in the construction industry. He drives a 1 ton Diesel pickup truck. And he pulls an 8000lb bobcat on a 7500lb trailer daily. This customer pulls his trailer to and from his job sites, home, gas stations, and fast-food restaurants (he always eats inside because the trailer won’t fit through the drive-through). When our customer arrives, he finds a parking place, shuts the truck down, and does his business. Now nobody ever told this customer about turbo maintenance.

Why is Turbocharger Maintenance this Important?

Maintenance is essential because exhaust gases power all turbochargers. A combination of exhaust pressure and heat energy drives them. What this means is that the turbocharger gets hot, which is fine. It is supposed to be hot. Most people don’t know that there is an oil passage and bearings inside the center section of most turbochargers. This oil lubricates and cools the center section of the turbocharger. 

So, we rely on oil to keep the turbo lubricated and cooled. But what happens when we load a turbocharged engine, pull in, park, and shut it off? 

The turbo is so hot that it can boil the oil inside the center sections of the turbocharger. This is called “coking,” which is the result of oil that has been cooked. This coked-up oil will cause poor performance and can also cause damage to the bearings in the center section of the turbocharger. When this happens, the customer will need a new turbocharger. A new turbocharger can vary in price, but they are never cheap.

How will REV X Help MY Turbocharger?

The first thing the oil treatment will do is clean the oil side of the center section. Once REV X High-Performance Oil Treatment has cleaned the system, the friction reduction agent goes to work and frees the bearings and center shaft up. Finally, it super lubes them with a protective layer to prevent and eliminate wear. This protective layer will also reduce the bearings and center shaft friction. This reduces spool time and increases the longevity of the turbocharger. 

We at REV X would like to extend your turbocharged engine’s life and performance whether you have a 300,000-mile turbo diesel or a turbo side-by-side. A turbocharger is a turbocharger. So we can help you keep your turbocharger in top condition!

So Which REV X Oil Treatment is Right for Me?

We offer two types of oil treatment to help clean, protect, and increase performance in your turbocharger. Which one is right for your application depends on what your vehicle is used for. Suppose you are using your car or truck as a daily driver and not beating up on it, hauling heavy loads, or racing. Then using our standard REV X High-Performance Oil Treatment is perfect for your application. However, if you are going to use every cubic inch of your motor and test the limits of your turbo, in that case, REV X Racing Oil Treatment is what you need.

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