REV X High Performance Oil Additive – 4 fl. oz. (4)


REV X High-Performance Oil Additive is an all-purpose additive developed for any oil, lube, lubricant, and oil-based hydraulic fluids.  Add it to any application where you want to reduce friction, eliminate metal to metal wear, reduce heat, or keep sludge and varnish from building up.  It’s even strong enough to fix HEUI injectors which is why it’s known as The Powerstroke Stiction Fix™.

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REV X High-Performance Oil Additive

REV X High-Performance Oil Additive is a supplement for oils that increases the performance of all standard, synthetic, and semi-synthetic base stocks.  To begin with, what separates it from other oil additives is its ability to stay in suspension, which is why it comes in a clear bottle. You won't see contaminants at the bottom no matter how long it sits.  If an oil additive says to shake well, what's that going to do sitting in your engine?

REV X High-Performance Oil Additive is a highly complex organic mixture containing no solid, harmful, or dangerous chemicals.  It does, however, reduce friction and thermal temps while also increasing shock load properties.  Not to mention, anti-oxidants, detergents, and seal softening additives create a formula that is not available in any standard or high-performance oil.


  • Will deep clean your engine’s oil system without the use of chemical strippers.
  • It dissolves varnish and sludge to provide efficient operations of lubricated parts.
  • Adds a friction reducer to reduce friction & temperatures.
  • It stays in suspension, preventing the additive and impurities from settling.
  • Significant reduction in wear when compared to oil alone.
  • It does not change engine oil’s viscosity when blended.
  • It improves the cold start lubrication properties of the base stock.
  • Restores and increases performance and reliability.
  • Increases drain intervals of lubricants, extending their service life.
  • It does not contain moly, Teflon, ZDDP, rubber, acids, or harmful chemicals.

How Does REV X High-Performance Oil Additive Work

When added to any oil, REV X High-Performance Oil Additive will blend with the liquid to provide a smoother operation within minutes.  Furthermore, as the treated parts run through heat cycles, the additive absorbs into the pores of the metal surface. Finally, heat-activated polar group molecules create a film layer four times thicker and roughly 2,500 times denser than oil alone.  As the treated oil flows, the lubricity layer renews itself regardless of temps or load factors.

In other words, heat and friction activate the polarized attraction and increase the protection.  Unlike other additives that shy away from heat, REV X High-Performance Oil Additive needs heat to show its true power.

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4 fl. oz., 16 fl. oz.

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