REV X SHIFT Transmission Gear Lube


REV X SHIFT Manual Transmission Fluid is a semi-synthetic lubricant blended specifically for extreme abuse in manual transmissions.  It’s a mixture of organic detergents, friction reducers, and other additives that will increase or restore lost performance and efficiency.

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REV X SHIFT Transmission Gear Lube


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REV X SHIFT Manual Transmission Fluid

SHIFT Manual Transmission Fluid, created for the high demands of racing and off-road use.  It is a highly additized GL-5 semi-synthetic lube available in 10W30, 50W, or 80W90.  Our manual transmission fluid's focus is to reduce friction, clean, and help eliminate transmission failure.  It does this by reducing metal-to-metal wear on gears, bearings, and shifting components.  Furthermore, it increases film strength and promotes and increased load capacity.

SHIFT Manual Transmission Fluid also reduces the entire transmissions operating temp to increase the service life for fluids, seals, and gears. Whether you have a stock or racing transmission gives the best protection possible. Additionally, it eliminates lubricity-related gear failures to help get you to the finish line.

Benefits of SHIFT

  • It was created for high-performance and heavy-duty applications.
  • Includes an extreme pressure additive that eliminates wear in gears and bearings.
  • Provides a reduction in friction to increase driveline performance.
  • It helps to extend the service life of all internal components and seals.
  • SHIFT will provide faster and smoother shifting and reduce operating temperatures for increased performance.
  • Includes an extra-strength organic detergent to deep clean and prevent buildup.
  • Reduces transmission chatter when using a heavy-duty clutch.
  • It is mandatory for all racing, pulling, hauling, off-road, or other extreme abuse applications.

Why Use SHIFT instead of GEAR Lube?

Manual transmissions require a different additive package than differentials or transfer cases.  It's because if this we created SHIFT.

SHIFTL1Q01 - REV X Manual Transmission Fluid - 1qt.


Lightweight Manual Transmission Lube


Middleweight Manual Transmission Lube


Heavyweight Manual Transmission Lube


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