REV X ZDDP – Zinc Oil Treatment – 2 fl. oz.


REV X ZINC Oil Additive restores ZDDP levels in oil to 3000-3200 ppm when blended with 6 quarts of oil.  Zinc (ZDDP) is heated; it creates an anti-wear layer on cams, lifters, and cranks.  Adding ZINC during every oil change is mandatory for all vehicles with a flat tappet cam and for engine break-ins.

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ZINC0201 – REV X Zinc ZDDP Oil Additive – 2 fl. oz.

REV X ZDDP – Zinc Oil Treatment – 2 fl. oz.


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How Does ZINC (ZDDP) Work in Engine Oil?

As REV X ZINC Oil Additive (ZDDP) is heated, it creates a film that coats the engine parts with an anti-wear layer. Think of it as a sacrificial layer that will wear away, preventing the wear on your vital engine parts. ZINC is very beneficial for flat tappet motors, which have a flat lifter, as the name suggests.  When the engine runs, the cam lobe is in constant contact with the tappet's flat surface. Simultaneously, this creates high temperatures due to the friction between the two. If the protective film produced by the ZDDP were not present, this heat and friction would wear away at the lifters and cam, leading to engine failure.

Benefits of REV X ZINC Oil Additive

  • Creates an anti-wear layer at friction points to prevent metal-to-metal contact and eliminate wear.
  • Engine break-in where the new camshaft and lifters need extra protection, and ZDDP is perfect for that.
  • Mandatory for all flat tappet engines.
  • Works in both synthetic and standard mineral-based oils.
  • Two fluid ounces mixed with 6 quarts of oil create a ratio of  3000 – 3200 parts per million (ppm).
  • ZDDP protects high-load components from excessive wear and failures.
  • Use in every oil change for maximum protection.

Is this only for Engines?

You can use it with any lubricant where heat and friction are present, such as steering boxes, manual transmissions, differentials, and even transfer cases.  With that in mind, the zinc oil additive only adds an anti-wear layer. Suppose you want to reduce friction, lower component temperatures, and clean your entire oil system.  Then it would be best if you used either REV X High-Performance Oil Treatment or REV X High-Performance Racing Oil Treatment.

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2 fl. oz.

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