REV X Mega Syphon Directions

Directions on How to Use the REV X Mega Syphon & REV X Ultra Syphon

First, get familiar with the terms we are going to use.

  • Siphon: A tube that has two unequal legs bent so that a liquid can be transferred to a lower level. The liquid is forced up the shorter branch by the pressure of the atmosphere. The liquid will flow continuously because the longer branch will have more liquid than the shorter branch.
  • Siphon Valve or Check Valve: This is the copper end of the Mega Syphon or Ultra Syphon.
  • Priming: The process of starting the siphon before the actual siphon begins to automatically transfer liquids.
  • Source Liquid: This is the liquid the copper siphon valve is in.
  • Destination: This is where the end of the Mega Syphon hose is.


Siphoning liquids only works if the source is higher than the destination. If you’re trying to pump liquids from a lower to a higher point, siphoning won’t work. The siphon valve can never be lower than the destination.

Transferring Liquids using the REV X Syphon

Insert the copper check valve into the source liquid. Grab the siphon hose about 3 to 6 inches above the source liquid. Now shake the check valve using an up and down motion to begin siphoning the source liquid. Longer strokes will work better than short, violent strokes. Do not pull the check valve out of the source liquid while priming the siphon. Once the liquid fills the hose past the point of the source liquid, the REV X Syphon will begin to draw the liquid automatically.

How to Stop the Siphon

Simply pull the copper check valve from the source liquid. Please be aware that any liquid remaining in the hose will continue to the destination.

If you can’t get the REV X Syphon to Work

We know it can be frustrating when things don’t work right. Most of the time, if the siphon won’t start, it’s because the source liquid is lower than the destination. Another reason might be that the source liquid is too thick. Remember that the REV X Syphon is only for low to medium viscosity liquids. Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide to using the REV X Syphon.

The Siphon Valve won’t allow me to Steal Fuel.

It is illegal to use a shaker siphon to steal gasoline. If you do, the siphon valve will likely come off in the fuel tank. The REV X Syphon is not designed to by-pass manufacturer anti-siphon components.

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