What People are saying about REV X!

I ran two passes with no oil pump belt and the most minimal amount of engine damage I have ever seen. I hurt one bearing, but there was no valve-train wear and no valve-train problems. Two passes. Not two passes going down to the grocery store. This is 50 pounds of boost—passes, burn-outs, drive back, and the whole thing. I highly recommend it. I believe 100% this product saved the SMX. Point Blank Period. It saved my car; it can save yours.

Steve Morris - Steve Morris Engines

Just wanted to give you guys a shout out we ran the oil additive in our Yamaha YZ450F in this years Mint 400 and the bike stayed cool and ran flawless with a ton of power! Even got clocked at 104.7mph in the flats! You guys rock!

Logan Moores

Logan MooresCustomer

We haven’t replaced a drive all year. Usually, I go through one a year. The drive is made for an 800 horsepower engine, and we are putting out 22-2400 horsepower.

Vern Gilbert - King of the Desert - Boat Racer

There is nothing better than Rev-X. Saves me thousands each year. Used to replace an outdrive a few times a year. Since using Rev-X Drive H, I can go a few seasons.

Brit Lilly - 10X World Champion boat racer

Brit Lilly - 10X World Champion boat racer

I use Rev-X in my Ford 6 liters to help out the injectors. Makes a world of difference.

Jojo Helberg - World Half Mile Record Holder

I have a 2010 Camaro with 110 thousand miles on it. The throttle body has never been cleaned, nor has it been map-sensored. I put a bottle of Rev-X fuel treatment in the tank. Believe you, me, What a difference. Put the car in the right lane at 68 MPH. Best fuel mileage I have ever got. 27.5. Great product. Get you some.

Les Bales

I put Rev-X Adrenaline fuel additive in my 2009 Toyota Cambry, which gets 36-27 MPG. After adding a bottle before we went on an 8-hour drive I was getting 31 MPG.


I bought a 2013 Terrain. It had a 4-cylinder engine but sounded like a diesel because it had chain catches on it. I didn’t know what to do. They told me I had to replace them. I stopped by my buddy’s shop, and he told me to use Rev-X Oil Additive. All the noise went away.


A few years ago, I burned myself badly off my power steering pump. Dan from Rex-X told me to try Rev-X Racing Oil Additive in it. It was a huge improvement. It definitely helped keep the temps down.

Jimmy McCune - Multime Track/Series Champion

Rev-X helps my job. Because I blow up drives. Rev-X Drive H definitely keeps that thing together.

Kevin Smith - Champion Throttleman - Offshore boat racing

Kevin Smith - Champion Throttleman - Offshore boat racing

I religiously run the diesel fuel additive and the Rev-X Oil Additive in my Mercedes diesel, which I plan to keep. It will be at my funeral.

Tom Kilmer - Grand Rapids Motor Cars

Makes everything run better, last longer.

Travis Pastrana - Action Sports Star

Travis Pastrana - Action Sports Star

I was going through rings and pinions at least once a season. After using Rev-X Gear Lube Differential Fluid, I have been using the same one for a couple of seasons. I’ve been able to take the rear end apart after racing the season, and the gears look pristine for two years now.

Tom Thomas - 2016 Michigan State NASCAR Champion

This thing runs immaculate. Like I added a cylinder. I could not believe it. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Chris Garrett - Late Model Driver

Chris Garrett - Late Model Driver

I put Rev-X in my minivan with 190 thousand miles on it. It was getting close to being used up. It rattled a little, but it got me down the road.

It couldn’t run much over 75 MPH, or it would start shaking. I added a bottle of Rev-X in it, and about 30 miles later, it got up to 90 MPH and didn’t vibrate or anything. Engine performance in my dilapidated motor improved really ran much smoother than before.

I then ran the oil additive in my diesel totorhome. I picked up 4-5 MPH and about 2-2.5 MPG. It makes it run so much easier and smoother than it did before.

Jeff Bloom - 3x Little 500 Winner

Jeff Bloom - 3x Little 500 Winner

Anthony McCune was racing at Toledo Speedway, and about 8 laps into his feature race, the officials pulled him off the track, thinking they saw fluid coming from his car. After inspection, nothing was seen to be leaking, and he was sent back out. He ran the rest of the race with no water in his sprint car’s motor.  It got extremely hot. When we got the motor back to the shop, we opened it. We can see some discolor on the valve springs. We didn’t smell burned oil. As we got deeper into the engine, it looked good, average. The bearings looked like normal wear and it got hot enough just didn’t cook the oil.

Kercher Engines

I use Rev-X Adrenaline with every fill-up. Give me a performance boost. It cleans my entire fuel system. I use it to protect my engine and fuel lines. It’s a no brainer.

I know my car is going to run longer than yours.