REV X DRIVE-H Marine Outdrive Gear Lube


REV X DRIVE-H is formulated to provide unmatched protection for racing and high horsepower outdrive applications. It maximizes the performance of outdrives by eliminating friction created by metal-to-metal contact in gears and bearings, unlocking all the performance your outdrive has to offer. DRIVE-H also provides a serious reduction in operating temperatures that safely extend the service life of all internal components and lubricating fluids. From recreational boating to off-shore racing, DRIVE-H is the only choice for high-performance applications to keep your drive performing at its peak.

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REV X DRIVE-H Outdrive Lubricant

DRIVE-H Outdrive Lubricant is the CURE for lubrication-related failures in marine drives and lower units.  It is a highly additized semi-synthetic lube available in 10W30 or 80W90.  The focus of DRIVE-H is to offer the ultimate protection.  It does this by eliminating metal-to-metal wear on gears, bearings, and shifting components.

DRIVE-H will also reduce the entire drive's operating temp to provide an increase in service life for fluids, seals, and gears. Whether you have a stock drive or a racing drive, it gives the best protection possible. Additionally, it eliminates lubricity-related gear failures for worry-free fun on the water.

REV X DRIVE-H Outdrive Lubricant Benefits

  • DRIVE-H seeks out hot spots to create a protective bond.
  • It keeps the drive protected and cool with an added friction reducer.
  • Dissolves sludge & varnish in the drive with an organic detergent.
  • DRIVE-H does not contain ZDDP, graphite, moly, Teflon, acids, or dangerous chemicals.
  • It provides an extreme reduction in component wear of treated parts.
  • It helps to reduce temperatures for increased performance.
  • DRIVE-H will not void manufacturer warranties.
  • Mandatory for all racing, aftermarket, and stock outdrives.


DRIVE-H is a proven lube that has won multiple world championships in powerboat racing! When you are looking for lube, you can go cheap or go with what works! REV X has proven to be the best outdrive lubricant available!  It does this by reducing failures due to high torque loads and friction in high-performance boat racing.