REV X Distance+ Gold Diesel Treatment – 1 Gallon


REV X Distance+ GOLD Diesel Treatment high lubricity formula replaces the missing lubricants in diesel.  In addition, it is also an all-in-one diesel fuel additive that restores or increases lost performance and fuel economy.

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REV X DISTANCE+ GOLD Diesel Treatment

Distance+ GOLD Diesel Treatment addresses the reduction of lubrication in ULSD fuel.  This lack of lubricity is partly to blame for an increase in failing fuel injectors and pumps. The low levels of lubricity also cause hard starts, excessive white smoke, poor idle, and a lack of power. Distance+ GOLD Diesel Fuel Additive restores over four times the minimum lubrication amount.  Furthermore, it delivers a maximum  12 point increase in cetane for increased pulling power and economy.  Not to mention it does all this while cleaning the entire fuel system, which includes injectors, pumps, and intake valves.

Lubricity is the first and last defense in all diesel engines.  Most people are aware that a car needs oil to lubricate the motor.  However, diesel fuel is responsible for lubricating and cleaning the fuel system.  First, it needs to clean parts such as the fuel pump, fuel injectors, and intake valves.  Next, it needs to lubricate those same parts to reduce wear.  Unfortunately, with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), most of the natural lubricity and cleaning power found in diesel is insufficient.  REV X Distance+ Gold restores or replaces that missing lubricity and cleaning strength in diesel fuel.

For temperatures below 0° F, we highly recommend REV X Distance+ Winter, or for less lubricity try orginal REV X Distance+.


  • Increases lubricity to 4 times the minimum required amount.
  • Replaces the lubricants that all diesel engines need.
  • Deep cleans the entire fuel system, including injectors.
  • Provides a maximum 12 point cetane increase to restore or increase lost performance and fuel economy.
  • It can help reduce EGT temperatures, exhaust gas temperatures, emissions, and toxic smoke.
  • Increases corrosion and rust protection to extend the service life of stored vehicles.
  • Includes a water dispersant additive to reduce water in fuel systems.
  • It helps to stabilize fuel keeping it fresh for up to 12 months.
  • Includes a BioFuel (B5-B20) neutralizing additive to eliminate sediment fallout.
  • One fluid ounce treats 25 gallons of diesel.

Does it Increase Fuel Mileage?

We have received a lot of feedback from REV X customers that Distance+ GOLD does improve miles per gallon.  Although this may be true, we will not claim how much it will increase fuel mileage.  Unfortunately, the additive industry is full of these misleading and primarily false claims about fuel mileage increases.  It's important to realize these claims use "independent" tests, and for the most part, are performed in a controlled environment.  Because nobody drives on a dyno, real-world results will vary based on driving style, terrain, and traffic.

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Weight 136 oz
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1 gal.

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Fuel Treatment

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