REV X Distance+ Gold Diesel Treatment – 1 Gallon


REV X Distance+ GOLD Diesel Treatment high lubricity formula replaces the missing lubricants in diesel.  In addition, it is also an all-in-one diesel fuel additive that restores or increases lost performance and fuel economy.

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DISG01G01 - REV X Diesel Treatment - 1 gallon

REV X Distance+ Gold Diesel Treatment – 1 Gallon


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Benefits of Distance+ Gold High Lubricity Diesel Fuel Treatment

  • Increases lubricity to 4 times the minimum required amount.
  • Deep cleans your engine's fuel system, including fuel injectors, turbos, fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, and valves.
  • Provides a powerful 12-point cetane boost, restoring or increasing lost performance and fuel economy.
  • It helps reduce EGT temperatures, emissions, exhaust gas temperatures, and toxic smoke for a cleaner, more efficient engine.
  • Increases lubricity to keep modern or classic fuel injection systems running smoothly and trouble-free.
  • Boosts corrosion and rust protection, extending the service life of stored vehicles.
  • It contains an alcohol-free water dispersant agent to help stabilize fuel and keep it fresh for up to 12 months.
  • Includes a BioFuel (B5-B20) neutralizing agent to eliminate sediment fallout, ensuring a smoother ride.
  • One fluid ounce of our highly concentrated formula treats 25 gallons of diesel fuel, making it a cost-effective solution for your engine.

REV X Distance+ Gold High Lubricity Diesel Fuel Treatment

Get ready to experience a diesel fuel treatment like no other with REV X Distance+ GOLD Diesel Treatment! Say goodbye to failing fuel injectors and pumps caused by the lack of lubricity in ULSD fuel. With Distance+ GOLD Diesel Fuel Additive, you'll get over four times the minimum required lubrication, which means better performance and fewer problems such as hard starts, excessive white smoke, poor idle, and lack of power.

But that's not all! Distance+ GOLD Diesel Treatment also delivers a maximum 12-point increase in cetane for increased pulling power and economy. It's like giving your engine a boost of energy! Plus, it cleans the entire fuel system, including injectors, pumps, and intake valves. It's the ultimate all-in-one solution for diesel fuel maintenance.

Don't forget lubricity is critical in all diesel engines. That's why REV X Distance+ GOLD is specially formulated to restore or replace the missing lubricity and cleaning power that ULSD fuel lacks. So get ready to experience smoother running, improved fuel economy, and a longer-lasting engine with REV X Distance+ GOLD Diesel Treatment.

For temperatures below 0° F, we highly recommend Distance+ Winter, or for less lubricity, try the original Distance+.

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Weight 136 oz
Dimensions 6.75 × 4.25 × 10.25 in

1 gal.

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Fuel Treatment

3,000 Gallons




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