REV X Diesel Winter Kit – 16 fl. oz.

Diesel Winter Kit - Rev X - Diesel Treatment - 16 oz 2 4oz

REV X Diesel Winter Kit – 16 fl. oz.


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REV X Diesel Winter Kit – REV X High-Performance Oil Additive, the Original Stiction Fix™, along with Distance+ Winter all in one diesel fuel treatment. This kit provides you with all you need to get the most performance out of your diesel engine for winter, prevents diesel fuel from gelling down to -25° F.  Kits also available with Distance+ or Distance+ GOLD.

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REV X Diesel Winter Kit – Cold Weather Diesel Engine Treatment

Our Diesel Winter Kit provides both an oil and fuel treatment. Most people are aware that a car or truck needs oil to lubricate the motor.  They are not mindful that the fuel is responsible for lubricating and cleaning the fuel system. Unfortunately, with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), most of the natural lubricity and cleaning power found in diesel fuel are insufficient.  REV X Distance+ Winter restores or replaces the missing lubricity and cleaning strength in the diesel fuel.

Whereas REV X High-Performance Oil Additive, The Orginal Stiction Fix, provides an all-in-one lubricity and cleaning package on the oil side of the engine. Regardless of what host oil you choose, it will boost the performance, reduce friction and clean the oil system.  Not to mention, it will deep clean oil rings, oil pumps, bearings, HEUI injectors, and turbochargers.

REV X Distance+ Winter Diesel Fuel Treatment

Distance+ Winter Diesel Fuel Treatment is for some of the coldest regions on the planet.   With this in mind, we collected data on what a winter fuel additive needs. These test results allowed us to develop a winter fuel additive package to boost ULSD winter fuel properties.  To put it in another way, if you are having cold start issues, fuel gelling, poor engine performance, or fuel storage issues, this is your cold climate fuel solution.

Distance+ Winter Diesel Fuel Treatment Benefits

  • It prevents diesel gelling down to -25° F.
  • Deep cleans fuel injectors, turbos, fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, and valves.
  • Provides a maximum 12 point cetane to restore or increase lost performance and fuel economy.
  • It can help reduce EGT temperatures, exhaust gas temperatures, emissions, and toxic smoke.
  • Increases lubricity to keep modern or classic fuel injection systems running trouble-free.
  • Increases corrosion and rust protection to extend the service life of stored vehicles.
  • Includes a water dispersant agent to reduce water in fuel systems.
  • It helps to stabilize fuel keeping it fresh for up to 12 months.
  • Includes a BioFuel (B5-B20) neutralizing agent to eliminate sediment fallout.
  • One fluid ounce of the highly concentrated formula treats 25 gallons of diesel fuel.

Will this STOP Diesel Fuel from Freezing?

The answer to that question is not a simple yes or no question.  In reality, fuel will begin to freeze at super-low temperatures, on average around -100° F.  However, around 32° F, diesel fuel's paraffin wax starts to gel, turning the fuel cloudy.  Not to mention the water that naturally collects in diesel fuel begins to freeze at the same temperature. Unfortunately, this gelling and frozen water can restrict fuel flow, making it hard or impossible to start your diesel engine.  Distance+ Winter will prevent fuel gelling down to -25° F and help disperse water to prevent the most common winter fuel-related issues.

For temperatures above 0° F, we highly recommend REV X Distance+ or REV X Distance+ GOLD diesel fuel treatments.

Does it Increase Fuel Mileage?

We have received a lot of feedback from REV X customers that Distance+ Winter does improve miles per gallon.  Although this may be true, we will not claim how much it will increase fuel mileage.  Unfortunately, the additive industry is full of these misleading and primarily false claims about fuel mileage increases.  It’s important to realize these claims use “independent” tests, and for the most part, are performed in a controlled environment.  Because nobody drives on a dyno, real-world results will vary based on driving style, terrain, and traffic.

REV X The Original Stiction Fix

There is a significant problem with Hydraulic Electric Unit Injectors (HEUI) failing.  These failures in Ford Powerstroke and International (Navistar) HEUI injectors are caused by varnish and sludge buildup in the injectors spool valve's oil side.  As a result, the only way to fix the problem is to clean the valve. We guess you could always replace the injectors.   Unfortunately, replacing the injectors is only a temporary solution. Using REV-X High-Performance Oil Additive with every oil change prevents and fixes the problem.

REV X High-Performance Oil Additive, The Original Stiction Fix, is an all-purpose oil and lubricant additive developed for gas or diesel engines.  First of all, racing and high-performance applications are why we created the additive.  For that reason, it reduces friction, but it also deep cleans the varnish, sludge, and oil residue that builds up.  Not to mention, it will deep clean oil rings, oil pumps, bearings, HEUI injectors, and turbochargers.

Benefits of REV X The Orginal Stiction Fix

  • Will deep clean your engine's oil system without the use of synthetic chemical strippers.
  • It dissolves the varnish and sludge in HEUI spool valves that cause stiction.
  • Adds a friction reducer to reduce friction & temperatures to reduce oil varnish and sludge.
  • It stays in suspension, preventing the additive and impurities from settling.
  • Significant reduction in wear when compared to oil alone.
  • It does not change engine oil's viscosity when blended with synthetic or mineral oil.
  • Restores and increases performance and fuel economy.

Preventive Maintenance

If you are not experiencing stiction currently, that does not change the fact it is still happening.  Oil put under extreme pressure generates high temperatures like HEUI injectors operate.  These extreme temperatures burn the oil, causing coking, varnish buildup, and sludge.  Furthermore, as this build-up increases, it will lead to cold starts, misfires, chugging, and excessive black smoke.  Because you can leave REV X High-Performance Oil Additive in for the complete oil change, you should add a bottle to every oil change to prevent the problem in the first place.

Are you already seeing Symptoms of Stiction?

Suppose you are already experiencing stiction issues or received a few thousand dollar quotes for new injectors.  First and foremost, add two bottles of REV X High-Performance Oil Additive.  Next, allow 3-5 heat cycles to activate and fully clean the injector's spool valve because it is not a chemical flush or stripper. It works best when you give it time, and the heat-activated ingredients can dissolve and fix the problems.

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